Get The Power To Pay Less On Your Home Loan With AmeriValue

AmeriValue is the key for new home buyers seeking the best possible mortgage plan for a home purchase.

Or are you an existing home owner who bought a home for sky high prices when the housing market was booming only to see the prices crash later? Are you now landed with a hefty mortgage that’s actually higher than your property’s present market value that has tumbled with falling prospect of real estate sector?

Is your high mortgage payment on your old home loan eating up your finances leaving little for your other needs?

Do you wish there was a way to lower your monthly mortgage payment or change its term?

Do you wish to save more money for your retirement or kids’ college fund or for other expenses?

Are you tired of paying hefty sums to your mortgage financier month after month after month?

Is your heavy mortgage outgo a regular monthly burden you just can’t seem to shrug off?

Do you wish to refinance your old home loan to a cheaper rate loan?

Do you know there is Federal Government Program called HARP (Home Affordable Refinancing Plan) to help homeowners pay less through refinancing their loans?

Do you now that through HARP, American home buyers can refinance their existing mortgage plans to lower rate mortgage plans and bring down their annual mortgage payments by an average $3300?

So how do you find these low rate plans conveniently and save tidy sums of money month after month, year after year? We will tell you.

Do you know that there is a trustworthy comparative data providing company that can provide you up to four different home loan quotes right at your home on your computer or tablet or smart phone? By filling out an online form, providing some key information to help them zero in on the best loan options and lenders, and requesting the site to send you four best loan rate quotes.

AmeriValue is a website that provides loan matching service to US residents. Please note, AmeriValue is NOT a home loan provider, it is loan matching service provider. Take a virtual trip to AmeriValue, fill in your loan, location and housing details and this site will find up to four authentic deals on refinancing your mortgage from reputed lenders.

In a nutshell, AmeriValue gives you comparative knowledge to help you select what’s most useful for you. Acting on that knowledge gives you power and freedom to compare and choose what’s best for you and your family.

That’s power of informed choice working in your favor. That’s freedom of choosing what’s best for you, your family and future. After all, why should fat lenders eat up your resources when you have the option to switch your mortgage and pay less with the federal government’s blessings!

In any case, your hard earned money should be first useful to you. Remember, the less you pay out to your lender, the more you have at your own disposal.

Let’s learn more about AmeriValue.
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What is AmeriValue

AmeriValue is a loan matching service provider for new home loans and for refinancing old home loans. It does not provide loans, nor does it provide loan brokerage services. Not at all. AmeriValue simply provides information on who can give you the very best rate loans to match your needs and specifications. In other words, it is an information service provider that works to empower you with the power of choice to pick out the cheapest loan options.

There is also the HARP factor at work in the AmeriValue context. HARP is US government’s program to help out home buyers landed with high interest loans even when loan rates have come down. HARP facilitates refinancing of old home loans at lower rates.

If you are looking for a new mortgage or seeking to refinance your old mortgage at lower rates by availing US Federal Government’s HARP (Home Affordable Refinancing Plan), AmeriValue can be invaluable for you.
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AmeriValue is useful for which customer

Let’s face it. We all want to pay the least and get the best. Well, with AmeriValue, it is possible to have the best of both worlds.

AmeriValue is extremely useful if you want to evaluate best options for taking out mortgage for a new home purchase, or if you have an existing high interest rate mortgage plan that you want to switch to a lower interest rate plan under US Federal Government’s HARP scheme. This service is especially useful for the home buyer who is stranded with a property bought at a rate far higher than its current market value. People who are saddled with high interest home loans that are more than their home’s current market values should find it a great support in lessening their burden.

Of course, all good things come with an expiry date. So does HARP. This terrific program is set to expire on December 31, 2016. Once the last date is gone, you will not be able to make the switch from a higher interest home loan to a lower interest home loan. So, time is limited and you need to start taking a look at your refinancing options at the earliest. Actually, AmeriValue should be your first port of call.

Through AmeriValue, you can find the best re-financiering options for your old mortgage and switch to one that takes the least out of your pocket month after month, year after year. Come to think of it, who does not want to pay less month after month, year after year!
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How does AmeriValue work

No one wants to be saddled with complex, confusing and confounding websites where just finding the right pages and filling in the information can be a nightmare.
To help you the easiest and the best way possible, AmeriValue has a simple, direct and easy to use methodology. Here is how the process goes for you:

  • You specify the home loan type you require – refinance or new home purchase.
  • You specify the type of property you want the loan for – condo, row house, single family accommodation, multi family accommodation, or town house etc.
  • Then you need to tell your estimated home value.
  • The next step is to provide your estimated current credit score and rating – poor or fair or average or good or excellent.
  • Next information required is your zip code.
  • The site also wants inputs on whether you have declared bankruptcy or foreclosure in the preceding three years, and whether you can verify your income status.
  • If you are looking for a refinance of old mortgage, you will be required to cite why you are seeking a new home loan, your existing mortgage interest rate, the pending balance, your choice of adjustable or fixed loan etc.
  • Last of all, the site will ask for your contact information – address, email, phone number. They need this information to convey to their financial lending partners who will then approach you with their best offers. Please note that even if you are on the Federal Do Not Call Registry, AmeriValue partners will still be able to contact you as you have given your contact details to find the best loan or refinance option for your gain.
  • Finally, you will receive the best four loan quotes to match your needs.

Of course, the choice to take up or refuse a loan offer is solely and totally yours. Once AmeriValue has given you the information service, the ball is in your court. There is no obligation whatsoever on you to accept a lender’s offer. And if you opt to accept a lender’s loan or refinance offer that transaction is totally between you and the lender. AmeriValue’s has no middle role to play there.

So you see, AmeriValue works as a comparative information provider.

How does it work

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What’s HARP and how does AmeriValue bring you benefits of HARP

HARP was launched by the US Government’s Federal Housing Finance Agency to help homeowners refinance their existing mortgage plans. It has a select set of qualifying criteria for homeowners to qualify for its benefits. HARP is especially useful for the middle class whose homes bought at higher rates are now much lowered in value after the housing market crash of a few years ago. Technically called the loan to value ratio, or the LTV, is a prime qualifying criterion for qualifying for HARP.

So why does the federal government want HARP to benefit you? The purpose is much bigger than just saving you a lot of bucks. Though we do understand the prospect holds great appeal to all of us who work hard and honest to earn our pay packages and are then forced to hand over a fat part of it to cover our mortgages.

Well, coming back to why the government has designed HARP, the prime purpose of HARP is to get banks to cut their home loan interest rates so that your income is freed for expenditure on other items that will in turn boost the economy. So you see, the government has your interests at heart but its goal is much bigger. It wants to boost economy through the money you will save through HARP and spend on other things.

The question may be asked that if HARP is so terrific, how come so many people are unaware of it.

The reason is simple. The lenders, financiers, and banks do not want most Americans to know about HARP as it hurts their bottom lines when their customers leave their higher interest loans to move to lower interest mortgages. HARP is designed to help average middle class people like you and me but it is also designed to reduce lenders’ earnings who want to keep it hidden under the wraps so that people go on shelling out big repayments to them for years and years at end.

That’s the reason a lot of Americans have not heard of HARP even though it is tailored to help them increase their savings or expenditures.

Of course, not every home owner is eligible for HARP. There are qualifying criteria that must be met before you can make the switch to a lower interest home loan. AmeriValue helps you assess if you qualify for HARP and if you do, it provides information on most reasonable lenders and loans matching your specific needs.
How you can benefit from HARP

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What AmeriValue does not do

AmeriValue is an information service provider operating in home loan and home loan refinance niche. Its role is significant but limited.
It is none of the following things:

  • AmeriValue is not a lender. It will not give you a loan.
  • AmeriValue is not a mortgage brokerage. It will not collect a commission.
  • AmeriValue does not offer any application for taking out a mortgage. It will not involve any transactions.
  • AmeriValue does not offer any financing or loan through any agents or representatives.
  • AmeriValue does not charge you for its services. You pay nothing to the site and yet receive accurate information to help you lower your loan liability.

What does a mortgage not do

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What are the benefits of AmeriValue

AmeriValue is tailor-made for the average American family that seeks to own a home, find the best new mortgage or mortgage refinance deal, make timely mortgage payments, tot up a decent credit rating, does not have oodles of free time to hunt for best deals, and wants to save or spend money on what’s important to them.
As such, AmeriValue offers multiple benefits to its customers:

  • Availing AmeriValue services is really easy, time saving and convenient.
  • AmeriValue does the relevant research for you and compiles accurate information to forward to you.
  • AmeriValue helps you assess if you qualify for HARP.
  • You don’t need to go anywhere to get best quotes. AmeriValue provides best four quotes matching your needs online through its website.
  • It takes barely 30 seconds to one minute to fill up the request form.
  • You are under no obligation to accept any offer, any quote, any loan from any of the lenders suggested by AmeriValue.
  • You do not need to provide your social security number to avail AmeriValue services.
  • Through lower rate finance / re-finance options suggested by AmeriValue, you can save as much as $275 per month on your home loan outgo.
  • Under the new refinance plan chosen by you, you can even shorten the term of your loan to one that suits your life goals more.

You will agree that AmeriValue has the potential to play a significant role in terms of how much good it can do to your finances.
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Why you should trust AmeriValue

AmeriValue is USA’s foremost refinance comparison and information website with several HARP lenders on its database. Its mission is to bring best possible loan rate information to home buyers so as to give them the power to choose what’s best for them and their monthly budgets.

Unlike other sites that may be registered in remote corners of earth to avoid tracking, AmeriValue takes pride in being 100% all-American. Its site is registered in LA, California, USA. Its trust value (as recorded by is a superb 90%.
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What home buyers say about AmeriValue

AmeriValue has helped thousands of home buyers find the best mortgage deals to save thousands of dollars every year for them. Here is what some of them have to say about this company:

“Our high monthly mortgage payment was eating up into our monthly budget. Add to it the woes that we had bought our house and taken a mortgage on it when property prices were sky high. After the housing market crash, our property’s market value is now way lesser but the monthly payment is still very high. My boss told me about AmeriValue and HARP. Thanks to the comparative information provided by this terrific site, I have refinanced my home mortgage and have more money in my pocket to save for a rainy day.”
Peter Tippleton, West Virginia

“As a single mother with two kids, I always find it difficult to make the ends meet. Even though I am an established professional with a decent pay package, my savings have not been very high given the hefty monthly outgo that I pay towards my apartment’s mortgage payment. My kids are young still I worry about their college fees. Thanks to AmeriValue, I am now mortgaged with a lower interest rate bank. Finally I have started saving money for my kids’ college fund. Thank God I found AmeriValue!”
Victoria Talbot, California

“Our lovely condo in Tampa Bay lost 50% of its value when the real estate bubble burst and we were left holding a squeezing high mortgage on it. As we were planning to retire in the next couple of years, it was terrifying to know that our finances had been hit so badly. Then we heard about HARP and AmeriValue. Our request at the site got us good options and we found a great refinance option at a far more affordable rate of just 4.24% from the far higher earlier one of 6.37%. Now we are saving $430 every month just on mortgage payments. We can’t tell you how handy this money is to help meet other expense. We bless the day we logged into AmeriValue.”
Alex and Joan Forrester, Florida

“When I heard about HARP, I was doubtful that I would qualify for it. After all, it is always others who seem to get better deals while I miss the bus. Visiting AmeriValue was so convenient. I filled in my details and hey and presto, the site told me that I was totally eligible for HARP. What’s more, they even forwarded lower interest rate quotes from four different lenders who got in touch with me. I picked the best one, double and triple checked all the fine print and signed on the dotted line. Now I save $370 every month on my loan repayment. I am planning a beach holiday with my savings. Hurrah!”
Joanna Nashville, Tennessee
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What’s the last word on AmeriValue

AmeriValue is your destination if your mortgage is a burden on you and you want to find the lowest interest rate deal for it.

As you know already, the mortgage is often the single biggest money outflow for an average middle class American family who works hard to bring home the bacon and then gives most of it away to get a roof over their head.

Ask anyone who has taken out home mortgage. They seem like millstone around the neck. It is not easy to earn money, is it? And it is even more painful to give it away to someone who has a claim on it for years and years at end.

As we see it, AmeriValue is just the place to go to if you wish to find the best home loan or home loan refinance deal, especially under the Federal Government’s HARP Program that allows borrowers to switch to lower interest mortgages through refinance options.

However, HARP is not here to stay forever. Do you know that HARP is set to expire on December, 2016? Yes, the last date to get a HARP refinance is the last day of the current year. You really need to make the low interest hay while the HARP sun is shining overhead. AmeriValue can be your best and most helpful tool in finding out lower rate refinance and home finance options.

So if you are looking to refinance your home loan to a lower rate and ease the burden on your pocket, now is the time to do it. AmeriValue is here to help you. Just log in, get the right information on best lenders and their lowest loan interest rates, and look forward to paying less and saving more.

Remember, AmeriValue has already helped thousands of Americans make the switch to lower interest rate mortgages. Make sure you do not miss the bus.

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